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The great Bard once said “’tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.” Had we embraced that mentality a few months ago, our family might have avoided the great ant infiltration of 2014. While an occasional ant appearance is expected when winter thaws into spring, the tiny beasts waged an all out
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If someone curious about the neighborhood asked you if South Slope was “a nice place,” what would you say? What if, more specifically, you were asked to give it a grade A+ through F? Neighborhood Appeal is hoping to answer such questions for prospective residents, as well as give current residents a chance to chat about local
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If you’ve got some holiday travel on the horizon (and can get passed today’s Nor’easter), it’s important to give your apartment a little extra attention before hitting the road. • Burglars often target homes that look empty, so make sure to have a trusted neighbor pick up your mail and any newspapers that would otherwise pile
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Did you know that from October 1 through May 31, building owners are required by the city to keep the heat in their buildings at certain temperatures? • Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, if the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, the inside temperature is required to be at least 68 degrees
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Last week, home blog Apartment Therapy ran a piece on different ways to investigate your home’s past. Considering South Slope’s wealth of historic architecture, we thought the resources listed could be helpful to curious homeowners and at least some renters in the area. In addition to the basics like finding out the year your home was built if
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We’ve all been there. You walk into the kitchen and are suddenly attacked by a swarm of rampaging fruit flies. Unfortunately, once they appear the little boogers are tough to get rid of, and a neighbor is hoping for a little advice. Help! Our kitchen has been covered in fruit flies for the past few
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Today we have 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. The sun rose in the exact east and will set in the exact west. We will continue gaining daylight until the Summer Solstice on June 21st. Happy Equinox! Time for spring planting! Old man winter gave us a swan song of snow yesterday,
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With all the designer chocolate, jewelry, and $400 dinners, Valentine’s Day has the potential to cause some serious hurt to your pocketbook. Why not rebel a little this year, and say no to gifts, no to the fancy restaurants, and just spend an evening at home? Oftentimes, the most memorable moments are the ones that
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We’ve got several doors to nowhere in our apartment, and an old doorbell next to the bathroom. What signs of apartments past do you have in your building? Have a neighborhood photo to share? Send it to, add it to the South Slope News Flickr Group, or tag it #southslope on Instagram, and we’ll post it to the site.
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Whether you’ve recently picked them yourself or just grabbed a bag from Key Food on 5th Avenue and 12th Street (where we snapped this shot of the beauties above), apples are definitely plentiful this time of year. Why not take advantage and fill your apartment with some amazing smells of autumn? DIY air freshener is
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New to the hood and just dying to find out where you can grab one of these snazzy (and insanely useful) no flyer signs from the Park Slope Civic Council? Luckily, there are a few locations in South Slope where you can pick one up for $2: • Assemblyman Jim Brennan’s District Office, 416 Seventh